Curriculum Vitae

1930 Born in Basel (Switzerland) April 8
1949 Graduation Basel Humanistisches Gymnasium
1949-52 Working as craftsman
1952-59 Medical schools in Basel and Paris
1960-62 Training in Ophthalmology at the University Eye Hospital Basel (Prof. Fritz Rintelen)
1962 Training in Internal Medicine at the Kantonsspital in Schaffhausen (Dr. Hans Schmid)
1963 Training in Ophthalmology at University Eye Hospital Bern (Proff. Hans Goldmann, Peter Niesel, Franz Fankhauser)
1971 Habilitation
1975 Tenured Professor at Bern University
1989-91 Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Bern
1993 Retirement
1971 Alfred Vogt Award
1979 Albrecht von Graefe Award
1989 Nomination "Teacher of the Year" by the Association of Medical Students, Bern
2012 Prize in the competition of the foundation "Kreatives Alter" (Zürich)
2016 Inclusion in the "Hall of Fame Opthalmology" of the DOC

Main Publications
Topics in Ophthalmology

- Biomicroscopy of the Peripheral Fundus (Springer Verlag 1973)
- Clinical Anatomy of the Vitreous (in Duane's Biomedical Foundations in Ophthalmology, J.B.Lippincott 1989)
- Introduction to the Biomicroscopy of the Eye (DVD-series, Haag-Streit, 2002)
- Dr. Sherlock's Vitreous (DVDs Schweizerische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft, 2007)
- Corneal Contact Glass for the Examination of the Endothelium (1985)

- Eye Surgery (Springer Verlag 1978/80, 1990)
- Various scientific reports in the field of viscosurgery

Other Topics
- Physiological optics and art
- Daltonism in painters
- The biblical ban on pictural representation
- Migration of symbols
- The art of gold casting in West Africa
- Childrens book: The Three Chickens from Karmia